Terms and Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully regarding sales and servicing of Bergerwerke Bicycles. These terms apply to both local servicing or any and all online internet purchases.

Product Liability: Bergerwerke reproduction bicycles are considered vintage/antique items and are not subject to traditional warranties regarding durability and life-time functionality. They are composed of aged parts and therefore not made for excessive, extraordinary or non-standard usage. Bergerwerke Bicycle, LLC is NOT responsible for injuries or death and cannot be liable for accidents or product failure if usage exceeds normal parameters. This includes complete restorations of bicycles where parts and components are either supplied or refurbished by Bergerwerke.



Availability: All products on bergerwerke website are subject to availability and prior or pending sale. All prices appearing on Web site are in effect until they are removed from the page unless otherwise indicated and subject to change without prior notice. Bergerwerke is not responsible for printing errors or other errors appearing within the content of the website. In addition, Bergerwerke Bicycle does not guarantee the availability of any item. Items can become out of stock at any time. Bergerwerke may also discontinue offering an item at any time. Orders for out-of-stock items may be placed on back-order. However, because of the nature of vintage/antique collectibles or custom-made reproduction components, Bergerwerke cannot guarantee a time and date for back-order fulfillment. Customers with back-ordered item will have priority when that item becomes available. All orders are subject to acceptance by Bergerwerke Bicycle and we reserve the right to cancel any order with remittance of payment already submitted.

When Bergerwerke is required to order parts or components from wholesale or dealer to satisfy a service order, Bergerwerke is not responsible for manufacturer price changes, which may occur at any time without notice. In addition, because each bicycle available by Bergerwerke is custom-created, images on the website may not exactly reflect the product you receive. Although we endeavor to portray a high level of standardization within our products, slight modifications, revisions and color variations may exist. All changes outside of the original product listing and description will be henceforth disclosed and the option for either customer’s cancellation and return of payment submitted, or credit toward purchase will be given.



Payment: Bergerwerke website prices are in U.S. currency. We accept Paypal, money orders, or personal check drawn from U.S. funds. All shipping and handling charges (international only) will be added to total invoice charge. All payments are to be made in full, prior to delivery of item, and CODs are not accepted.

Pre-payment plans are available but are subject to the discretion or approval of Bergerwerke Bicycle. In addition, Bergerwerke reserves the right to restrict terms and/or cancel order at any time if parameters of plan are not met. If pre-pay plan is utilized, (approximately 15% of list price) purchaser agrees to complete balance of payment within 2 weeks of proposed completion date or within 1 week of notice of completion. Unless other arrangements have been agreed to by Bergerwerke Bicycle, if purchaser is unable to render remaining payment at time of final invoice, purchaser is subject to losses of initial down-payment for work completed on requested order. Purchaser may cancel or change order after pre-payment has been submitted up until receipt of final balance invoice.



Custom Orders and Restorations: For custom orders (including all Bergerwerke G519 bicycles) a pre-payment is required (approximately 15%). For vintage restorations, a 25% pre-payment is required before work can begin. If order is cancelled prior to work rendered, cancellation is accepted and full refund is given. If order is cancelled and service or work has been rendered, refund will be given minus work at quoted labor rate and parts/components purchased, if any.



Shipping: Bergerwerke Bicycle, LLC offers free shipping (domestic only) on any Bergerwerke product and includes delivery confirmation, insurance charges, and any and all handling charge (does not apply to the sale of used retail bicycles or any Specials and Close-outs.) Shipping will be done via USPS or UPS standard services, depending on time of year and customer preference. Non-standard shipping quotes will typically be given only upon request and receipt of order, and costs are the responsibility of the customer. Alternative shipping methods can be used but are at the discretion of Bergerwerke. All accelerated shipping is available at customer’s cost and responsibility. International purchases will have associated shipping charges and are the responsibility of the customer. For international shipping information, see below.

Bergerwerke Bicycle is not responsible for damage to any product during shipping. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify Bergerwerke regarding an order damaged in delivery. It is important to examine your package and have the deliverer note damage at the time of delivery. A representative from the shipping company may need to inspect the package as part of the claim process depending on the value of the damaged item. Only after a claim has been fully processed and received by Bergerwerke, will new merchandise or a refund be issued. If a return is required, it is necessary that buyer contacts Bergerwerke immediately regarding a damaged shipment including full details of item and description of the damage.

International Shipping: International shipping is charged accordingly and cost is the responsibility of customer. Methods of shipment will be selected by Bergerwerke only, without exceptions, and all shipments will observe appropriate rules and regulations regarding customs declarations and taxes. Moreover, declarations, rates and procedures will NOT be amended to circumvent foreign procedures or additional tariffs. In addition, Bergerwerke is NOT responsible for losses or difficulties in international shipping to countries outside of North America and is subject to approval by Bergerwerke. If shipping outside of North America is desired, buyer assumes all responsibilities and complies with all measures at their own cost, to ensure a timely and safe arrival of shipment. In addition, Bergerwerke will not guarantee the delivery time of any order once shipped, nor can we regulate number of parcels. Because some countries have maximum standards for parcel size and weights, shipment of a product may result in multiple packages and those additional costs are sole responsibility of customer. Orders are shipped only when full payment has been given. Shipping costs will not be refunded for delayed deliveries. Plan orders and choose payment options accordingly.



Returns/Exchanges: Bergerwerke Bicycle accepts returns and exchanges. However, NO returns of any type, will be accepted without prior notification and all custom order returns must fall within the parameters quoted by Bergerwerke for refund to be given.

IMPORTANT: For bicycle returns (or faulty or broken components from that bicycle NOT as a result of shipping), a notice of "Intent to Return" must be submitted from Inquiry Form within 5 days of delivery date.

Product/Bicycle return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. All products to be returned must be returned within 30 days from the invoice date. All returns must be 100% complete, in resaleable condition, and must include original packing material, printed material, or accessories provided by Bergerwerke. Be sure to keep all packing material and documentation in the event that your product has to be serviced or returned.

If item is not functioning as depicted, Bergerwerke will repair or replace item at our expense and will be responsible for return shipping. Products returned with greater than acceptable “try-out” period damage or have been modified, changed, or painted will not be accepted. Bergerwerke reserves the right to authorize product returns beyond 30 days from the invoice date. If the product is accepted after 30 days, credit will be issued toward future purchases.

If returning product, please include in the returned parcel reasons for return, purchaser's name, address and date of purchase.
All returns send to: Bergerwerke Bicycle, LLC, 922 Pine Street, Antigo, Wisconsin, 54409