Bergerwerke BwM306 Women's Bicycle

The M306, the women's military bicycle, was designated as standard by December 1942, corresponding with the formation of the Woman's Auxiliary Corps earlier. The M306 was equipped the same as the male counterpart with the same contract requirements. It utilized a reinforced version of the commercial series womens' frame. Other than the basic differences between male and female models, the parts were mostly interchangeable between both the G519/M305 and M306 bicycle.

The Bergerwerke M306 women's bicycle features all the great characteristics of the original bike of World War Two and is also available with the Premium Upgrade package. Just like the Bergerwerke G519, it incorporates both original military-issue stock and other "select" components and is only available as the Columbia model. Features of the bwM306 include:

  • Exclusive Bergerwerke Custom fabricated correct Columbia-style women's frame
  • Correct Persons Moto-bike women's seat frame with custom leather saddle cover and crash-tabs
  • Correct Columbia women's drop-forged crown forks with exclusive Bergerwerke truss assembly
  • Original M306 angular/flat truss seat post
  • Original factory/mil-issue women's Lug cranks
  • Correct 22T "skip-tooth" M306 sprocket with 22:10 sprocket ratio


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